• Jin Xuan Oolong

    Taste is light and flowerly with a soft aftertaste almost like butter

  • Osmanthus Oolong

    Carries a mild floral sweetness and an elegant simplicity of light roast aroma

  • 103 Ginseng Oolong

    Sweet aroma, fresh initial flavor, and a sweet ginseng aftertaste

  • Ti Kuan Yin

    Roasted flavor and aroma with a dark brown color

  • High Mountain Oolong

    Dry, slightly astringent foretaste with a marvelous herbaceous aftertaste

  • Pu’er

    Post-fermented tea with a dark reddish hue and earthy taste

  • 913 Ginseng Oolong

    Sweet ginseng aroma, tartness as the initial flavor, and a mild sweet, pure aftertaste

  • Ten Wu Tea

    Exclusively grown in Taiwan’s highest tea estate, considered to be the finest oolong

  • 8 Treasure Chrysanthemum

    Mildly sweet and fragrant that is also visually colorful

  • Honey Ginseng

    Flavorful and spirited blend with sweet honey and spicy, earthy ginseng

  • House Green Tea

    Complex variety of mellow-sweet taste