Green Tea vs Black Tea, Decisions decisions...

Did you know that both black and green tea leaves come from the same shrub called the Camellia sinensis? Both tea leaves are harvested from the uppermost buds. Despite their common origin, they are so utterly different. What's the difference you ask? The difference comes from the processing and preparation of the leaves. 

Green Tea:

Delicate and fresh, green tea has been described as the drink of Asia. The production process of green tea includes harvesting of leaves and pan-firing (drying). This halts the oxidation and helps the leaves maintain both their color and flavor. A quality green tea leaf, such as Ten Ren's green tea, will also be twisted allowing the natural oils and nutrients to lay at the surface and released upon brewing.

Black Tea:

The most popular tea in the world, is produced much in the same way. However, the harvested tea leaves are left to oxidize before being dried. The oxidation process increases the flavor and aroma. 

These two teas might come from the same plant, but they are different in so many ways. Make sure you learn to enjoy them both!

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