About Ten Ren's Tea Time

Lee Rie-Ho was born in 1935 in Nantou Town, raised in a family of tea farmers who had been producing tea for generations. From a very young age Lee was associated with tea, but by 1953, Lee's family decided to sell the tea farm. Lee followed his father to Kang Shan and opened Ming-Fung tea shop (the predecessor to Ten Ren's). Lee started selling tea at the age of 16 with the help of a bicycle and a barrel strapped to the back seat. With that bicycle, he peddled and sold tea all over Southern Taiwan.

In 1961, Lee commenced the first Ten Ren's tea shop in Tainan City. Over the past 40 years, with the influence of economic growth in Taiwan, Ten Ren's Tea Co., Ltd. not only expanded its subsidiaries overseas but was also the first to establish Ten Fu Tea in mainland China. At present there are over 1000 Ten Fu retail tea shops in China; President Lee has successfully established Ten Fu as the premier Chinese tea brand.